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          Enterprise Culture

          Customers are our eternal partners.
          * Customers are the most scarce resource and is the reason for the existence of Norsen.
          * Respect customers. Understand customers. Continue to provide services and products that exceed customers' expectations and lead a positive and healthy lifestyle. This is the concept Norsen has always insisted and advocated.
          * In the eyes of customers, every employee are representative of Norsen.
          * Our 1% mistake, for customers, is a loss of 100%.
          *The most important standard of measuring our success is customers' satisfaction.
          Talent is the capital of Norsen.
          * People who devote passionately and do their job well are the company's most valuable resource.
          * Respecting people and creating a harmonious, passionate environment for outstanding talents are the primary factor of success.
          * We respect every employee's personality, the personal wishes and their rights to choose; every employee is equal in personality and in the face of development opportunities; Norsen provides a good working environment, create a harmonious working atmosphere and advocate simple and sincere interpersonal relationship.
          * Continuing to cultivate professional, passionate and creative professional managers is an important mission for the creation and development of Norsen.
          We advocate a "healthy and prosperous life". Work is not only a means of making a living, but itself should bring us happiness and a sense of accomplishment. In addition to the work, we encourage all employees to pursue physical and mental health, harmony in the family, and extreme richness of personal life.
          *Learning is a way of life.
           "The sun light system"
          * Norsen is equal to the inside and open to the outside. We are committed to the establishment of a system of "the sun light system."
          * Specialization + standardization + transparency =Norsen.
          * "A promise is a promise" is the service tenet of Norsen. Norms, integrity, progress is the business way of Norsen. Team spirit, innovation spirit, challenging spirit and dedication are the spirit of enterprise.
          * we encourage various forms of communication and advocate information sharing.